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Grecian Dress (Dark Red)
Grecian Dress (Dark Red)

Grecian Dress (Dark Red)

Inspired by ancient Greek - our Grecian dress drapes beautifully to the side, creating a slim silhouette. This sophisticated design was an instant hit previously and was fast sold out! The perfect dress for a wedding or formal function - it is easy and comfortable to wear on. As the dress speaks for itself, you just need to pair it with a piece of statement jewellery and you're good to go.

Material (Dark Red): 60% Viscose / 27% Polyester / 13% Spandex

Material (Black): 75% Nylon / 15% Polyester / 10% Spandex

BLACK (SMALL) - Bust: 88-132cm / Waist: 88-132cm / Length: 133.5cm
BLACK (MEDIUM) - Bust: 492-138cm / Waist: 92-138 cm / Length: 135cm
BLACK (LARGE) - Bust: 94-141cm / Waist: 94-141cm / Length: 135cm
DARK RED (SMALL) - Bust: 88-127cm / Waist: 88-127cm / Length: 133.5cm
DARK RED (MEDIUM) - Bust: 92-133cm / Waist: 92-133cm / Length: 135cm
DARK RED (LARGE) - Bust: 94-136cm / Waist: 94-136cm / Length: 135cm

Model is UK 6 and is wearing size S