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Singapore Food Series (Part IV): Kaya Toast

Kaya toast is a breakfast dish originating from Singapore. It consists of warm toast with kaya (rich, sweet coconut jam) and a cold slab of salted butter, served alongside smooth and fragrant kopi (local coffee) and soft-boiled eggs. The complete breakfast experience entails adding a dash of dark soy sauce and white grounded pepper unto the soft-boiled eggs, mixing it and generously dipping the warm toast into the mixture before eating it. This is my favourite breakfast item of all time and it never fails to perk me up!
The Kaya Toast print is set against a Quatrefoil tile, where it can be found along the walls of the void deck of my grandmother’s old flat. The Pandan Kaya Toast print combines elements of my childhood – the green square grids of my Chinese exercise book when I was in elementary school and the fanning out of the green pandan leaves. The Butterfly Pea Kaya Toast print has elements of how the Butterfly Pea flower would look like when it is steeped in boiling water and the essence is extracted. The fluidity of the lines evokes such imagery.

The luxe collection is an invitation into the rich world of everything I imagined the collection to be. Lavishly riddled with elegance, grace and whimsical charms, this collection feels like a fresh, positive start and simply makes us all excited to dress up again. The sheer Organza is lightweight and the print on the Tencel blend is rich, which is reminiscent of the textures and flavours of the Kaya Toast breakfast set.

Each piece is designed in-house and responsibly produced in limited numbers. With emphasis on craftsmanship, our customers can share in the exclusivity and confidence that each piece they own is truly one-of-a-kind!
Note: we do not re-stock sold-out designs.