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Singapore Food Series (Part V): The Feast

“THE FEAST” is the finale for our SINGAPORE FOOD SERIES. A mish-mash of our culinary delights featuring – The Durian, Fish Head Curry and Kaya Toast.

The collection layers different prints across the 3 collections, creating a whole new tapestry in each look, which is reflective of our ‘rojak’ society where Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, identity and ethos. In creating these prints that are uniquely Singapore, I hope to bring comfort and familiarity to the locals and convey the essence of Singapore culture to a wider audience.

The pieces can make a statement but they are easy to wear. The contrast panels, loose silhouettes, lightness of organza and layers come alive with movement on the wearer conveys liberty.

Each piece is designed in-house and responsibly produced in limited numbers. With emphasis on craftsmanship, our customers can share in the exclusivity and confidence that each piece they own is truly one-of-a-kind!
Note: we do not re-stock sold-out designs.