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Past Collection

Collection XIV: F/W 18 - Casa Horta

Collection XIII: S/S 18 - Klein

Collection XII: F/W 17 - Yves

Collection XI: F/W 16 - Galilee

Collection X: S/S 16 - Wind Words

Collection IX: S/S 15 - Agatha

Collection VIII: F/W 14 - Margot

Collection VII: S/S 14 - Moonrise

Collection VI: F/W 13 - Into the Grey

Collection V: F/W 12 - Portraits from the Belly of the Whale

Collection IV: F/W 11 - Wayfarer

Collection III: S/S 11 - Fleur de Sel

Collection II: S/S 10 - Escapism

Collection I: F/W 09 - Brit Kid Goes to India


Recklessly Spirited. Effectively Designed. Responsibly Produced.

The Designer Behind Reckless Ericka, Afton Chen

Afton finished her Bachelor of Design (majoring in Fashion Design) awarded by Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Sydney and delivered by Raffles Design in 2008. Emerging as a finalist in the Young Designer’s Contest that was held as part of Singapore Fashion Week 2007 paved the way for her to start the label, RECKLESS ERICKA, with co-founder Louis in 2009. 

Brand Name Inspiration

From Paul Arden’s book, “Whatever you think, think the opposite”, Reckless Ericka is inspired by a title character’s RECKLESS spirit – enthusiastic, adventurous, always having wild and fresh ideas.

Ericka’s whole life is a series of ups and downs, doing what she likes and fearlessly refusing to conform. Naming our brand goes beyond choosing a label. It conjures up images, ideas and our aspirations. Reckless is what we want to be.

Recklessly Spirited

To be reckless is to do what feels right, even if no one understands you. Be adventurous, be silly. Dream wild dreams. Be fresh, different and set apart.

Effectively Designed

To be effectively designed is to be fashionable and functional. With a distinctive fashion aesthetic, Reckless Ericka offers exceptionally designed apparel. Each apparel is thoughtfully made, well-constructed, long lasting and timeless.

Responsibly Produced

The collections are designed in-house, with emphasis on craftsmanship and are produced in ethically sourced factories using quality materials.

This concept is a constant narrative for the brand in creating a more sustainable and business that offers an alternative voice to fast fashion, where affordable fashion lasts for a long time.

We want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come.

Behind The Scenes: The Helicon

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