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Detached from the real world, the collection “ESCAPISM” captures the notion of an individual crossing into an ethereal state where time stands still. Moving as a flow of one’s journey through the surreal sub-consciousness, the collection exposes the intricacy of the human mind – from innocence to the curious discovery of the wilder and elaborate side, veering into the darker and sinister side of the human psyche, and then finally succumbing to ashen ambivalence.
ESCAPISM is a mind trip of distorted silhouettes as generous drapes mould the body of the wearer. Using the luxuriously soft and eco-friendly Modal fabric and Bamboo jerseys to create structural, as well as, inorganic drapery, it effectively harmonizes the form of the expressive human body.
The collection catches you in the repetitive cycle of your innermost subliminal state, where it evokes a numbing cacophony of visions and senses.
Evade from reality and indulge in the figment of your imagination.