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Fleur de Sel – Flower of Salt in French – is a highly prized, gourmet sea salt that is hand-harvested by salt farmers whom traditionally reaped along the coast of Brittany, France. Salt farmers will fill up shallow pools of fresh salt-water and collect the top layer of salt once the water evaporates. The gentlest breeze will cause the layer of salt to sink, and only in an optimum condition where it is sunny with no wind, will the Fleur de Sel be formed and collected.
Our collection is based on the Fleur de Sel, from the inspiration of the painstaking attention to detail and quality, colours, fabrication, to the idea of its flake-like and irregularly shaped silhouette.
The women’s range explores timelessness and understated elegance. There are Silk Chiffon dresses with geometric flake-like prints and Grecian draped tops in camel and foam-blue blend of jersey. While portraying strength and confidence, the pieces also exude the quality of lightness and girlish femininity, not unlike the delicate and fragmented flakes of Fleur de Sel.
The men’s range delves into versatility and practical chic – a mash-up of semi-tailored layered suits with the combination of slouchy cardigans. Cut slightly loose than the current ‘skinny’ phenomenon of skinny shirts, skinnier suits and ties, we feature soft shoulder jackets, cotton and wool jersey shirts in colours of black, blues and gray; bringing back the laidback and masculine swagger of the men.

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