Reckless Ericka

Limited Edition Fish Head Curry Mask (Korma)


Our limited edition Fish Head Curry masks are the newest addition to our Singapore Food Series. 

The Fish Head Curry is a Singaporean cuisine with mixed Indian and Chinese origins. The print features the head of the red snapper brilliantly stewed in a Kerala-style curry with key ingredients of making the dish – eggplant, okra, onion, tomato, garlic and chilli! Different ethnic groups have its own version of this dish with slight variations to the curry; each flavour represented by the 3 different print designs.

Here we have the Korma print. The monotone print set with a creamy base colour was inspired by the Korma seasoning added to curry for a creamier texture.

These masks feature beautifully printed designs on one side, with full black on the other. Select from a sash, black or white loop fastening.

Print material: 96% Tencel, 4% Spandex
Black material: 95% Tencel, 5% Spandex
Sash material: 60% Viscose / 27% Polyester / 13% Spandex

Note: Our exchange policy will not be extended to Masks products due to hygiene reasons


Print placement* of each mask is unique and may differ from the Product Image.

Our prints are digitally printed all over the fabric instead of using specific placement prints where it limits a fabric's usage. This is a more sustainable printing method in the fabric manufacturing process as fabrics can be cut without wastage and sewn together.

*If you'd like to opt for a similar print placement as per product image, drop us a note in your order!