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Explore our Moodboard and discover our Designer's process behind Resonance.

In the quiet spaces between threads and dreams, we unveil a fashion symphony that transcends mere garments – a collection where resonance breathes life into every seam and meets the visual cadence of life.

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The grace of Hong Sang Soo's Grass (2018) finds its muse in our initial creations. Fluid lines echo the film's poetic narrative, a dance of subtlety and suggestion, unveiling the whispers of a story untold. Allow the garments to be your silent dialogues, a script waiting to be written in the ballet of everyday existence.

As the tides of Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) cascade, we were inspired by the opulence and allure of the vintage glamour of Mervyn LeRoy's timeless masterpiece. Let the ocean's embrace weave through the fabric, guiding your spirit towards timeless elegance.

We enter into the enchanting world of Princess Mononoke (1997) by Hayao Miyazaki, where nature and fantasy intertwine. Our collection echoes the gentle yet vibrant palette of Princess Mononoke's realm. From mossy greens to ethereal blues, each garment is a canvas painted by beautiful florals. From eco-friendly fabrics to production in factories with ethical practices, each piece contributes to a harmonious relationship with the environment, echoing Princess Mononoke's plea for balance.

And in homage to Mária Švarbová's photography, we echo the frozen moments in time, each piece a frozen breath of storytelling. Dive into the hues of stillness and nostalgic futurism, where shadows and light dance in poetic harmony, and we find the visual haikus of life.

In the realm of fabric and form, we beckon you to work the words into your life, to wear poetry upon your skin, and let the symphony of these cinematic and visual inspirations serenade your soul. Let your style be the echo that creates resonance in the hearts of those who witness the poetry you wear.