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Behind This Season:

/ Look Up! /

/ Introduction /

Inspired by the simple yet profound act of pausing, casting our gaze skyward, and admiring the ever-changing tapestry of clouds, we celebrate the beauty of fleeting moments and the timeless wisdom they impart.

Echoing the poignant verses of Rita Dove's "Exit," our collection is adorned with 16 meticulously hand-painted watercolour prints. Each stroke evokes emotions of departure and renewal, encapsulating the transformative journey of metamorphosis and the unwavering resilience of the human spirit. As you explore our collection, you'll also discover 11 prints where we photographed the skies above 11 streets across Singapore. Each sky bears witness to the storied streets below, where the weight of history and the legacy of pioneers have shaped the landscape of our beloved city. From Alkaff Avenue to Nee Soon Road, our journey led us to these streets, where we not only captured the beauty of the skies but also delved into the rich history and narratives that define each locality. Through our lens, we pay homage to the resilience and progress embedded in the fabric of these streets, mirroring the evanescent beauty of clouds drifting across the sky.

Infused with the artistic influences of Taniguchi Fumie, Minoru Nomata, and other visionaries, our collection transcends fashion, becoming a canvas for self-expression and introspection. As the wearer adorns our garments, she becomes an active participant in the dialogue between art and fashion, expressing her unique perspective and deepest desires.

Bathed in the vibrant hues and dynamic rhythms of City Pop, our collection channels the effervescent energy and unapologetic optimism of a bygone era. Drawing inspiration from the infectious melodies and retro aesthetics of this iconic musical movement, our designs pulsate with a sense of playful nostalgia and uninhibited joy. Dynamic print and electrifying colour palettes infuse each garment with a sense of vitality, echoing the kaleidoscopic spirit of City Pop's heyday.

With each piece, we empower the modern woman to embrace her femininity with confidence and grace. We invite her to pause, look up, and find beauty in the world around her. For in the midst of life's ever-changing landscapes, she discovers the timeless allure of her own resilience and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

/ Introducing Our Brand New Prints /

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