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Singapore Food Series (Part I): Chilli Crab

What is deeply ingrained in the Singaporean cultural DNA? What else but our love for food!

It is absolutely no secret that Singaporeans are food lovers and we go to great lengths to fill our bellies (and soul) with good food. Eating is undoubtedly Singapore’s obsession, and Singaporeans are very passionate about protecting and preserving our food culture; it is our collective memory and evokes strong emotions tied to culture and identity. 
Reckless Ericka has decided to dedicate their first owned and designed textile print series to one of Singapore’s national dishes and possibly Singapore’s greatest culinary creation, the Chilli Crab.

The collection features 3 textile designs, juxtaposed against lively geometrical shapes, inspired by iconic Peranakan tiles found on traditional shop houses in Singapore. 
The ‘Chilli Crab’ capsule collection features looks in Reckless Ericka’s signature silhouettes such as the full circle skirt and midi dresses. Produced on easy-to-care for fabrics, they are less prone to piling and wrinkling – fuss free and perfect for travel.

Each piece is designed in-house and responsibly produced in limited numbers. With emphasis on craftsmanship, our customers can share in the exclusivity and confidence that each piece they own is truly one-of-a-kind!
Note: we do not re-stock sold-out designs.

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