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Singapore Airlines x Reckless Ericka

The Upcycling Project: SIA x Reckless Ericka
Singapore Airlines has collaborated with Reckless Ericka to create a new life using cushion covers that you see onboard their Business Class aircrafts. These materials are upcycled and repurposed to create a unique and stylish limited-edition apparels product instead of disposing the unwanted parts. The Upcycling Project is an initiative to produce less waste and promote sustainable and environmentally way to reuse materials.

NOTE: Each SIA x Reckless Ericka piece is made to order and will be shipped out in 2 weeks. We do not accept returns or exchanges for items in this collaboration. To inquire about product availability and place an order, please contact us.

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Afton Chen, the founder and designer of Reckless Ericka was inspired by the craft and class of Japanese textile, Boro (boromono) which means ‘rags’ in Japanese which refers to the clothing and textile produced in rural northern Japan by patching and mending cloth to extend its lifespan.

With the inspiration on appreciating the imperfections, the act of patching provided time for reflection and moment to connect, treasure and appreciate the original textile used for cushion covers.

For this upcycling project, creativity is reuse and the wearer has the power to breathe life into the garment, transforming it to whichever way he/she pleases. Afton has creatively made Obi Sashes, Shoulder Straps and Thin Sash using the houndstooth and orange cushion covers from Singapore Airlines. Each item design is exclusively crafted, and designs are available in limited quantities.

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