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Hello there :)

On April 1st, Reckless Ericka commemorates a heartfelt milestone—our 15th year anniversary. I am truly grateful for your unwavering support and you have been the bedrock of our story, a narrative richly woven with the threads of collective dreams.

Our journey at Reckless Ericka is one of fashion storytelling, where each collection unfolds a new chapter, deeply rooted in the vibrant culture and heritage of Singapore. From the flavorful narratives of our Singapore Food Series, featuring iconic dishes like "Durian," "Chilli Crab," "Fish Head Curry," and "Kaya Toast," to the historic exploration in our "Voyage" collection, tracing Singapore's first map; "Look at the Wildflowers" and "Flourish" invite you to explore the natural beauty of Singapore through the wildflowers and native orchids that color our landscape. We strive to create more than just garments. These collections are a tribute to the beauty that thrives in our everyday surroundings, often unnoticed, waiting for a moment of appreciation.

But our narrative doesn't end with the stories of our island. It's also about weaving in profound reminders that speak to the heart. "Lay Hold" encourages us to grasp tightly to those experiences, qualities, and perspectives that fill our lives with joy, fulfillment, and growth. "Hold Space" serves as a beacon of love and compassion, reminding us to create environments where we and those around us can express, heal, and simply exist without judgment. And "Resonance" is that magical moment when what we create connects with you on a soul-deep level, a reminder that in the vast tapestry of life, we are all intricately connected.

As we step into our 15th year, let's continue to celebrate the stories that bind us, the creativity that inspires us, and the unwavering spirit that propels us forward. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey. Here's to more years of storytelling, creativity, and connection.

Much Love,


What I'm watching: Atsuko Okatsuka, Full Grown Tour

What I’m reading: Butter, Azako Yuzuki

What I’m looking at: Grand Canyon, 1925, Yoshida Hiroshi

What I’m listening: A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes by Ilene Woods (Cinderella, 1950)

Current favourite look: Billowing Maxi Dress (Blue Mexican Primrose Willow)


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