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Kid Unisex Tee (Bird Paradise - Light)

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Features & Measurements

- Classic Crew Neck
- Oversized, Unisex fit
- Drop shoulder
- Finishing (Ribbed Neckline, Four Thread Overlock for Seams)

This design also comes in a black based tee Bird Paradise - Dark.
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LENGTH (High Point Shoulder to Hem)

XXS/ 2





XS/ 4





S/ 6





M/ 8





L/ 10





XL/ 12





TofuTan is 110cm, wearing S/6.

The Story

Let your little ones explore the world in style with our Kid Unisex Tee!
Crafted from the finest Pima cotton, these tees offer the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. The classic crew neck and oversized, unisex fit with a drop shoulder design ensure maximum comfort for every escapade. Choose between the calm Ecru base or the playful Black base, each featuring prints inspired by the enchanting Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Message from Afton, founder and designer of Reckless Ericka:

It is a dream come true for us to collaborate with Mandai Wildlife Reserve because we are at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks almost every week since my son was 6 months old!

My son grew up loving the animals and the beautiful Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks, and because I am biased, I have selected his favourite animals to be featured on the designs. We have 5 different prints inspired by the different parks and the heart behind the designs is to capture the childlike wonder for the parks. My son always points out details that we miss out or don’t focus on. And it is a reminder to myself to never lose this sense of wonder.

We are also deeply committed to sustainability.
Our unisex adult and kids Cuban shirts and scarves are crafted from OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Linen and our unisex adult and children tees are made from SUPIMA Cotton. Every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the garment therefore is harmless for human health. Major plus point, they feel luxurious and are really comfortable.

Beyond the materials, we’ve partnered with factories with ethical practices audited by the International Standards Organization (ISO), just as we do with our regular collections.

The Print

Bird Paradise” Print features these animals —

Palm Cockatoo (Bird Paradise)

The palm cockatoo is the world’s largest cockatoo. Its distinctive cheek patch of bare skin flushes from pink to bright red when the bird is alarmed or excited. This attention seeker produces a variety of whistles, screeches and feet stomping. A male dance to attract a female. He erects his crests, bobs his head, spins around and raises his wings. An interested female will mirror his moves.

American Flamingo (Bird Paradise)

This species has the most vibrant plumage of all flamingo species. Flamingos, regardless of species, get their distinct pink or red colour from the algae and shrimp they eat. In Bird Paradise, their flamingos are given a special diet to stay in the pink.   

Pelican (Singapore Zoo)

Pelicans are large water birds known for their distinctive bills. While there are different species of pelicans, many are not considered endangered. However, local threats such as habitat destruction and pollution can impact specific populations.

Southern Cassowary (Bird Paradise)

The Southern Cassowary is the third biggest bird after the Ostrich and Emu. Compared to the single wattled Northern Cassowary, it is slightly larger and has two wattles, which hang loosely from its neck.  Like the Northern Cassowary, this flightless fowl can become aggressive when cornered or provoked. It defends itself with dagger-like claws deployed in a formidable kick. Cassowaries have the unfortunate reputation of being the most dangerous bird alive, known to harm or even kill humans. However, this reputation is likely exaggerated as cassowaries are not overly aggressive, and attacks are rare. 

Stork (Bird Paradise)

Storks are large, long-legged wading birds. While specific species may face threats, storks, in general, are not endangered. They are adaptable and found in a variety of wetland habitats.

Toco Toucan (Bird Paradise)

Toco Toucans, with their vibrant and large bills, are native to South America. They are not currently listed as endangered. While deforestation is a concern, these birds are adaptable and can inhabit various types of forests.


100% Pima Cotton

Washing Instructions

How to Wash and Care for Cotton:

• Avoid hand washing or soaking, as it weakens fibers. Use a laundry bag for machine washing at 30°C with low spin.

• Do not bleach.

• Air dry cotton garments. Avoid tumble drying to prevent shrinkage or fiber damage. Iron on low heat on the reverse side.

• Avoid leaning or sitting on rough surfaces to prevent friction and snagging for cotton garments.

• Professional cleaning is possible.