RECKLESS ERICKA is for the women who is unafraid of personal expression, absorbed in what she is doing and unaffected by people around her. Just like character Ericka from Paul Arden’s book, "Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite", Polina (also goes by 'godsavedthequeen' on Instagram) embodies just that.
"I’ve been complimented like crazy when I wear Reckless Ericka's mask out - so I had an idea to replicate it on my face" - Polina adds.
She takes on our bold, vibrant colours of the Mao Shan Wang (Mu Sang King) print and uses her body as canvas- being part of the beautiful explosion of bright blues, neon pinks and yellow.
"Reckless Ericka is a brand that I discovered when I moved to Singapore and followed their work religiously." Watch this space for an upcoming initiative launching in end Feb, 2021.