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Since our establishment in 2009, we have been commissioned for various projects and services.

Reckless Ericka extends an invitation to talented individuals to participate in collaborative projects with us.

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Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Reckless Ericka and Mandai Wildlife Reserve have teamed up on a special collection — the heart behind the designs is to capture the childlike wonder for the parks.

Inspired by our co-founders' son, who visited the parks almost every weekend since he was six months old, he grew up loving the parks and animals, and we have selected his favourite animals to be featured on the designs.

Being deeply committed to sustainability, our Cuban shirts and scarves are crafted from Oeko-Tex Linen and our tees are made from Supima Cotton. Beyond the materials, we've partnered with factories with ethical practices, just as we do with our regular collections.

Unfold the multiple styles with #RECKLESSERICKA.

The OPPO Flip Pouch is thoughtfully made, well-constructed to fit with the super portable #OPPOFindN3Flip, and elevate the spirit of enthusiastic, adventurous, and always having wild and fresh ideas.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has collaborated with Reckless Ericka to create a new life to the cushion covers that you see onboard their Business Class aircrafts. These materials are upcycled and repurposed to create a unique and stylish limited-edition apparels product instead of disposing the unwanted parts. The Upcycling Project is an initiative to produce less waste and promote sustainable and environmentally way to reuse materials.

Janice Wong

In 2023, we were commissioned by Janice Wong for their restaurant's front line staff uniforms.

Food & Fashion Exhibition

'Food & Fashion' is an exciting and timely exhibition at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology New York, that includes over eighty garments and accessories by designers including Chanel, Moschino, and Stella McCartney. It is a multifaceted look at how intertwined these genres are and what they can express about our culture and society.

We are honoured to be part of this exhibition with our Singapore Food Series — Durian outfit and Chilli Crab scarf.

'Food & Fashion' is co-curated by Melissa Marra-Alvarez, curator of education and research, and Elizabeth Way, associate curator of costume at MFIT.

#SGFashionNow Exhibition

Reckless Ericka travels with Asian Civilisations Museum to Busan and Seoul as part of the #SGFASHIONNOW exhibition.

KF ASEAN Culture House, Busan: 10 Aug — 29 Oct 2023
KF Gallery, Seoul: 21 Nov 2023 — 31 Jan 2024

The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers

In 2015, we were commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts and designed 148 unique costumes for 22 performers for the amazing production “The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers” that debut in March 2015 at Paris’ Palais de Tokyo. We won the Best Costume Design at M1-The Straits Times LIFE! Theatre Awards 2016 for this play.

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