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Behind This Season:

/ Flourish /

I. The Moodboard

In an ode to the resilience and strength of the human spirit, Reckless Ericka presents “Flourish”, a fashion collection that embraces the essence of community and the beauty found in diversity. The collection “Flourish” features unique digital prints inspired by orchids, billowing skirts and dresses that evoke a sense of freedom, and retro-feminine fit and flare styles that celebrate the power of individuality.

II. The Story

Flourish invites you on a journey where flowers flourish in harmony, reminding us of the profound beauty that emerges when we come together.

III. The Playlist

1 - Lavender Hue, Emma Bieniewicz

2 - Moment In The Sun, Sunflower Bean

3 - Keeps Me Light, Tall Heights

4 - Chasing The Sun, Sara Bareilles

5 - Garota De Ipanema, Lisa Ono

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