Accent colours found in nature. Photographed by Toni Cuenca.

"What inspires me the most is everything and anything! I don’t have a fixed, single object of fascination and inspiration because inspirations comes from everywhere, it could be in any form and best of all, it springs up when you least expect it!"
- Afton Chen

A year ago, Reckless Ericka decided to dedicate their first owned and designed textile print series to one of Singapore’s national dishes and possibly Singapore’s greatest culinary creation, the Chilli Crab.

Three iterations later, we continue to come up with fresh concepts that will capture the essence of Singapore, our food culture, and staying true to our roots.

Featuring styles from Singapore Food Series (Part I): Chilli Crab; drafted in your favourite Full Circle and Fit & Flare silhouettes to create that signature retro-feminine look.