An ode to Singapore’s food culture. Are you Team Durian or Team Chilli Crab?

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RECKLESS ERICKA celebrates Singapore’s cuisine with Chilli Crab and Durian motifs in our newest collection: Singapore Food Series.

The pure durian print: An original design with the fruit, flowers and leaves sketched by Head Designer, Afton Chen. We are obsessed with how Afton artistically transforms the ‘King of Fruits’ to a design palatable for all.

The thorny fruit inspired 3 print designs. Can you match the prints from Singapore Food Series Part II: The Durian to its durian type?

1. Mao Shan Wang (猫山王, Cat Mountain King or Rajah Kunyit)
2. Hong Xia (红虾, Red Prawn)
3. Hei Zhen Zhu (黑珍珠, Black Pearl)

Hint: The print colours were inspired by the durian variety’s characteristics!


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